Yaskawa Motoman Part #: 152665-1

Manufacturer Part #: N/A

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MotocalV EG is an economical software tool that is used to improve absolute positioning accuracy, Tool Control Point (TCP) and tool posture of Motoman® robots. It improves path accuracy for high-precision applications, offers the ability to manually calibrate robot with a laptop computer, and improves offline programming accuracy.

MotoCalV EG performs five types of calibration:
Robot calibration
Improves the absolute accuracy of the robot. Adjusts absolute data values by teaching five different postures at five different points (total of 25 points).
Tool calibration
Calculates the exact tool data to determine the TCP. Some form of tool calibration must be completed before robot can be calibrated. Adjusts tool data values by teaching seven different postures at one point (total of seven points).
Tool posture calibration
Provides accurate TCP, which is essential for the robot to perform certain motion types such as linear and circular interpolation. Adjusts tool data by teaching one posture at one point (total of one point); calculates exact tool positions (Rx, Ry, Rz). Tool posture is the angle data that shows the relationship between flange coordinates and tool coordinates.
Workpiece calibration (used with MotoSim® EG)
Recognizes and compares positional differences (between each robot and workpiece) in robot programs created by MotoSim EG versus the program created using the teach pendant. MotoCalV EG then converts the position data from MotoSim EG into position data for the actual robot by using the calculated positional difference obtained between the robot and the workpiece. - Layout correction (used with MotoSim EG) Corrects the robot layout in a workcell that is created through MotoSim EG. The “robot layout correction” function compares the MotoSim EG job to the INFORM programmed job. The “travel axis tilt correction” function calculates the positional difference between the travel axis and the robot positioned on the travel axis.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows® 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit)
2 GHz processor speed
1 GB free hard drive space

YRC1000 controller
YRC1000micro controller
DX200 controller
DX100 controller
NX100 controller
XRC controller
MRC controller
ERC controller

Part Information

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  • Packaged Weight 2 LB
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